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“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” Louis L’ Amour

I’m always busy, looking for new and exciting projects. Here is what I’ve been working on lately.

May 2021: Photography Challenge

Something you may not know is that I’m a bit of an “Av geek” lol. Which means I like taking photos of airplanes; specifically, air shows, including the adrenaline-pumping power of the fighter jets.

This week, I’m taking part in an online aviation photography challenge, and learning lots! Even images that I thought were beyond usefulness, I’ve brought back to life with the tips I’ve learned so far. Some of them you can see in my air show slideshow on my ThruJensLens Photography page.

April 2021: What I’m Writing These Days

In addition to Hamish and Pantera’s book, I’ve started writing a book about Scotland. It’s about the untold stories and places to explore that are “Off the beaten path”.

I’m also working on turning my best selling story from the “Choices For Change” book into a full fledged novel. Subscribe to my blog to keep updated on more info about these projects!

Proofreading A Book

I have lately been asked, along with a few other people, to proof read an advanced copy of a Canadian book soon to be released. I will be giving a review and suggesting edits.

September 2020

Now that Hamish and Pantera (my kittens, see blog!) are settled into our home, they have decided to write a book, with some help from me. Keep an eye on my blog to find out when it will be available!

Photography Calendar & Web Listing

Yes, I’ve been busy on the photography front lately as well! I recently made contact with a company that commissions local photographers from different geographical areas to create calendars.

Also, I was invited to add my photography business listing on the Scottish Travel Society web page. View my listing here. If anyone who has seen my photography would like to give me a review, it would be greatly appreciated!

Get In Touch With Me!

I am available for hire for content editing, product and local business reviews, or proof reading.

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