ThruJensLens Updates

Since returning to my beloved Scotland, I’ve been quite busy with the camera. Even with different levels of Coronavirus travel restrictions within the country, I managed to get out and about a bit.

My friend took me for a very memorable trip to the Glencoe Highlands in September. But later in the fall, travel was restricted to not leaving our tier level, so we just trekked around Fife.

I also found out about a calendar company that selects one local photographer from a certain region, so I contacted them and was chosen as the photographer for Fife. Shortly thereafter, I was sending in images for my very first Scottish scenery calendar! The link to purchase it is here, in case you don’t already have a 2021 calendar.

I’ve also been seeking local outlets to sell my photography in, and will be showcasing my work in an upcoming online artist’s fair.

2021 Calendar

Featuring scenes from around the Kingdom of Fife, and Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands.

Buy it here!

Canadian Harvards

YouTube Channel

I’ve actually have 2 channels, one for my aquarium projects, but the other features some videos and photography from my adventures, both in Canada and Scotland.

Here is the link to my playlists. If you’d like to see more, please subscribe to my channel!

A little lockdown humour

More To Come!

When lockdown ends…sigh

Looking For A Photographer? Want to Purchase My Work?

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